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Do you have an idea that you think could benefit society? Would you like to work full-time during the summer to explore its potential? Or are you already well on your way with your idea but need more time and money to develop it? We can help!

– About Leapfrogs

Leapfrogs is a scholarship of 40,000 SEK that gives students resources to test their ideas! The Leapfrogs scholarship allows recipients to dedicate their full-time efforts from June to August towards testing and developing their societal-benefitting concepts. Beyond financial support, participants receive coaching, idea development workshops, and a valuable network of fellow students.

Awarded by Malmö University, Leapfrogs is part of an initiative fostering creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship for social development. The aim is to provide students with a platform to test ideas without restrictions, allowing for activities like researching target groups, designing prototypes, and interviewing potential customers during the summer.

The essence of Leapfrogs is to provide a platform for experimentation and learning. It is completely acceptable to discover that an idea may not be feasible. Such insights are valuable and pave the way for new, potentially successful ideas.

The Leapfrogs scholarship at Malmö University is handed out in proud collaboration with the Sparbanken Syds Foundation, which aims to support good ideas close to you.

Key dates Leapfrogs 2024

Application period: 12 Dec 2023 – 12 Feb 2024

  • Jury decision: Week 13-14, March 2024
  • Kick-off: 14 May 2024
  • Project period: 1 June 2024 – 31 August 2024
  • Workshop 1: 5 June 2024, Lund
  • Workshop 2: 12 June, Malmö
  • Workshop 3: 21 August, Lund


Jenny Levhag
Project Manager, MaU Innovation
Phone: +46406657892
Email: jenny.levhag@mau.se

Sparbanken Syds Foundation enables good ideas through its activities, contributing to positive societal development and sustainable growth in our community for the benefit of current and future generations.