Teaching support

Teaching support

As a teacher, you can collaborate with MaU Innovation in activities aimed at increasing students’ skills and interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. You can book inspirational lectures, facilitation of workshops, and much more. The aim is to equip students with the power to act and a solution-oriented approach to the realization of their own ideas and their encounters with working life.

Student presenting infront of an audience

Jury och feedback

Would you like support in teaching elements related to students’ presentations of projects linked to problem solving, entrepreneurship and/or innovation? We can assist in the development of presentation and/or pitching sessions, sit on a jury or provide feedback on presentation techniques, innovation levels, problem-solving skills and more.

Our staff are trained to give constructive feedback in a value-creating way. By inviting a person with no previous insight into the projects to be presented, you increase students’ awareness of the importance of being clear and educational in their presentations.