Stormathon in education

Stormathon in Education

Stormathon is a learning activity that allows students to develop, test, reflect upon, and acquire skills related to collaboration, problem-solving, and co-creative processes. The activity challenges students to work together to tackle a common challenge and push the boundaries of what they believe is possible.


The purpose of Stormathon is to prepare students for their future careers by equipping them with the ability to identify and create sustainable solutions for challenges related to their upcoming roles in the professional world.

The activity emphasizes recognizing both individual and collective strengths and provides students with tools to adapt and navigate in a rapidly changing world.


The methods and tools used are inspired by disciplines such as systems thinking, social learning theory, experience design, and Design Thinking. The focus is on skills related to complex problem-solving, understanding systemic relationships, collaboration, creative processes, communication, and self-awareness – all transferable skills sought after for sustainable development.

By incorporating Stormathon into the curriculum, all students, regardless of self-image or preconceived notions about innovation and entrepreneurship, get an opportunity to develop their transferable skills. The activity further encourages diversity within working groups, providing practical experience in seeking understanding and actively using insights from different perspectives.

Activity Layout

Stormathon is developed by, as well as planned and facilitated by, Storm’s employees. It’s a cost-free full-day activity tailored according to the course’s needs and learning objectives.

Through flexibility, a more sustainable and accessible structure is created, which considers both individual and collective context conditions.

If you are a faculty member at Malmö University and wish to explore further or arrange a Stormathon experience for your students, please do not hesitate to get in touch.