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At Malmö University, we believe that innovation is the spark that ignites change, and entrepreneurship is the journey that transforms vision into reality. Here, we don’t just dream; we do. We understand that creativity it’s not just about originality; it’s about seeing the unseen and enhancing the world as it evolves. It’s about asking ourselves – What if?

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Scholarship for idea development

Leapfrogs is a scholarship of 40,000 SEK that gives students at Malmö University resources to test their ideas! The Leapfrogs scholarship allows recipients to dedicate their full-time efforts from June to August towards testing and developing their societal-benefitting concepts. Beyond financial support, participants receive coaching, idea development workshops, and a valuable network of fellow students.

Idea competition for visionary student ideas

FutureMakers is a dynamic idea competition that champions innovative ideas and visionary concepts with the power to enhance our world. Each autumn, Malmö University hosts FutureMakers, providing an exhilarating platform for students to delve into the potential of their ideas while vying for a prize of 50,000 SEK. The competition is organized by MaU Innovation in proud collaboration with the Sparbanken Syds Foundation.