Student support

Student support

Innovation and entrepreneurship are so much more than new ideas. They are concepts that embody many things – from starting a business to a general attitude of action. Sometimes this action is equated with creativity, seeing opportunities where no one else has seen them before or improving something that simply needs improving because times have changed. At Malmö University we promote all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship and encourage curiosity and exploration.

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Storm Innovation Hub

19 October 2023

Pre-loved furniture finds new love through rental service

To minimize recourse use, former Malmö University students Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Max Pangerl and Jed Manguera, co-founded Cohabit – a circular furniture rental service. 

Find out more about their story and how the Leapfrogs Scholarship helped their idea forward.

From coffee grounds to body scrub – Sweden’s first circular skincare brand was born in Malmö.

Irene Atance, Malmö University alumna and founder of Go Cirkulär AB,
talks about her entrepreneurial journey.

Picture of Irene Atance

Curiosity is the first step

You do not need to have an idea to get support for innovation and entrepreneurship at Malmö University. The support is also aimed at those who are curious to learn more about entrepreneurship, and innovative projects or those who are wondering which programmes and courses at Malmö University offer innovation and entrepreneurship elements.

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Malmö University collaborates with Drivhuset Malmö on activities related to entrepreneurship for students. They offer free advice and support to all Malmö University students and help you in the start-up of your project and/or the development of your idea. Through various free activities, events, and workshops, Drivhuset Malmö offers advice, tools, inspiration and networking opportunities.