Welcome to Storm

Storm is a resource for everyone who works or studies at Malmö University, and offers a permissive environment specially adapted for exploring, creating, collaborating, and networking. At Storm we encourage new ideas and creativity. We challenge you and offer support within design and concept development, and we develop methods and tools to drive Malmö University’s innovation and utilization work forward.

Students participating in a workshop at Storm

Book Storm

Storm can be booked by all employees and students at Malmö University. Here you will find information on how to book our spaces.

Tools and equipment in a room under construction

Storms toolbox

Here we have gathered our favourite methods and activities for idea development, problem-solving, collaboration and creativity – both individually and in groups.

Booking sessions

At Storm we are happy to help you come up with a plan for your activity that is both effective and creative.

By defining the purpose, how to create the best conditions for what you want to achieve and detailing your approach, we help you in the planning of a rewarding activity. We talk about the mood of the group, prioritizing the issues to be discussed and the methods by which these can be addressed. If the activity is at Storm, we also discuss how the room can be furnished to stimulate the situation and what technology is available. A booking session can also be arranged even if you do not intend to be at Storm.