We are running a special Stormathon on 10 May 2023!

Malmö stad has started a development project for one of the city centre’s biggest streets – the biggest change in Malmö’s city centre in 30 years.

The remodelling is planned for 2025 and involves transforming the street from a narrow, dangerous car street to a green, child-friendly, and vibrant pedestrian and bicycle street. But the development is complex, both from a technical perspective and above all in terms of meeting the needs of the citizens. Therefore, Malmö stad needs new perspectives and ideas; and they want yours.

Don’t miss this 12-hour opportunity for problem-solving, finding pain points, networking, strengthening your transferable skills, and collaborating with students outside your field of study.

Application for this spring’s Stormathon is closed. Next Stormahon will be arranged this autumn.

Benefits of participating

Stormathon is an innovation-boosting activity that makes it possible for you as a student to:

  • strengthening your transferable skills,
  • work with a real case from an external client,
  • expand your network,
  • collaborate with students outside your field of study,
  • practice your innovation and problem-solving abilities,
  • identify and utilize your specific skills,
  • and compete against other students for the best solution.