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Registration for this year´s Stormathon is closed!

This year’s Stormathon took place on 22 November focusing on behavioural patterns connected to wastewater. Thanks to everyone who contributed to an inspiring, fruitful and fun day, and a special thanks to the case owners VA Syd and Region Skåne.

Benefits of participating

Stormathon is an innovation-boosting activity that makes it possible for you as a student to:

  • practice your innovation and problem-solving abilities,
  • work with a real case from an external client,
  • expand your network,
  • collaborate with students outside of your program or field of study,
  • identify and utilize your specific skills,
  • compete against other students for the best solution.

Structure of the challenge

During 12 intense hours, you will work in a team with students from different programs and varied competencies. You get your case in the morning and at the end of the day, you will present it in front of a jury. At your disposal are the following:

  • Your own room for idea generation.
  • Materials that foster a creative process.
  • Access to coaching and method support.
  • Direct contact with your client.
  • Inspirational lectures.

Of course, no need to stress about food. We will have you covered! Lunch and dinner will be served, as well as coffee and snacks all day.