Step into Stormathon, where your ideas are a means of progress and a key to a more sustainable future.

13 May
8 am-8 pm

The upcoming Stormathon revolves around the metamorphosis of Malmö’s post-industrial structures, aspiring to craft a city that is not just a place to live in, but a place to live for.

Imagine yourself collaborating on groundbreaking ideas and creative solutions alongside fellow enthusiasts, in just a matter of hours. On May 13th, Malmö University invites students passionate about transforming society through innovative problem-solving, to apply and embark on an exciting journey.

Once selected, you will become an essential part of a diverse team of talents, each with a range of skills ready to complement each other. Together you will come together to tackle a common challenge, embarking on a journey of problem-solving that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. During the day, experienced process managers will provide guidance, infusing your brainstorming with structured methodologies and idea refinement techniques.

The journey’s climax is when each team presents their ideas to their external clients and a discerning panel of judges. The best part? Your talent won’t go unnoticed – an enticing prize waits for the most exceptional solution.

Note! This Stormathon will be arranged off campus in the building Spiralen; Celsiusgatan 39, Malmö



In the heart of Malmö, the reverberations of history are alive. Its facades are more than mere structures; they are chronicles encased in architecture; narrating tales of an industrial age long past. This city, once defined by its labour force, has transformed into a beacon of knowledge – a hub where the future is forged by the bold and the innovative.

The mentality of the people of Malmö has been shaped by this journey. From a city once humming with the uniform beat of industry to one now teeming with cultural vibrancy, creativity, and forward-thinking. It’s a mindset that honours its heritage while embracing the prospects of tomorrow, finding promise in vacant spaces and silenced machinery.

The upcoming Stormathon encourages us to think beyond the concrete and asphalt, urging participants to reimagine the city’s post-industrial legacy. How can we repurpose historical edifices to serve contemporary demands? How can these structures contribute meaningfully to our cityscape rather than merely existing as relics and who should determine the fate of these spaces?

Art as a Catalyst for City Transformation
Art plays a pivotal role in shaping urban environments. Malmö, therefore, requires dedicated spaces for art and artists – spaces that must consider the financial limitations faced by cultural actors who cannot afford high rents. With art and culture in focus, Stormathon will explore the following themes:

  • City Attraction: How can art enhance Malmö’s appeal to residents and visitors alike?
  • Business Models: What sustainable models can support art spaces financially?
  • Forms of Cooperation: Collaboration between artists, organizations, and local government is essential.
  • Visions and Concepts: Let’s envision a vibrant, art-infused city.
  • Organizational Forms: Which structures will best serve our artistic community?

Case owner: Trianon

Stormathon Spring 2024 is organized in collaboration with the University of Lodz, as part of the work with the University Network of Post-industrial Cities (UNIC)*. The collaboration means that two innovation days will be arranged, based on the transformation of the building stock in Malmö and Lodz, respectively.

This Stormathon also relates well to the national graduate school, funded by FORMAS, which Malmö University is part of – more information can be found here: ASSURE

* UNIC is an alliance of ten universities in post-industrial cities. It is part of the European Universities, an EU initiative to create new collaborations for institutions and exchange opportunities for staff and students.