Step into Stormathon, where your ideas are a means of progress and a key to a more sustainable future.

Imagine yourself collaborating on groundbreaking ideas and creative solutions alongside fellow enthusiasts, in just a matter of hours. Once a year, MaU Innovation invites students passionate about transforming society through innovative problem-solving, to apply and embark on an exciting journey.

Once selected, you will become an essential part of a diverse team of talents, each with a range of skills ready to complement each other. Together you will come together to tackle a common challenge, embarking on a journey of problem-solving that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. During the day, experienced process managers will provide guidance, infusing your brainstorming with structured methodologies and idea refinement techniques.

The journey’s climax is when each team presents their ideas to their external clients and a discerning panel of judges.

Next Stormathon is scheduled for February 2024