Get down to it

Get down to it

Welcome to coworking at Storm! We provide breakfast, insights, networking opportunities, coaching, co-creation, fika and co-working space.

Our next coworking event is coming up on 29 March


Guest speakers that have joined our student coworking BEFORE
Mariia Tyshchenko

Mariia Tyshchenko

Executive Director at NGO Poruch
Joined us on 22 February 2023

Picture of Lena Staafgård

Lena Staafgård

CEO Better Cotton
Joined us on 13 December 2022

Bild på Fredrik Önnevall

Fredrik Önnevall

Joined us on 9 November 2022

Mustafa Alfredji

Mustafa Alfredji

CEO MySocial
Joined us on 5 October 2022