Get down to it with Lena Staafgård

Get down to it with Lena Staafgård

Picture of Lena Staafgård

On 13 December Lena Staafgård, Chief Operating Officer at Better Cotton, will join Get down to it to talk about her experience of creating systems change within the cotton sector – a deeply conservative sector with a poor social and environmental track record. Lena will talk about how you create change in a sector that lacks transparency and trust and how she has navigated the corridors of power, largely filled with the archetypal figure of power – the middle-aged, white man.

About Lena
As a not-yet-middle-aged woman, Lena Staafgård joined Better Cotton in 2010, when it was a small start-up organisation aiming to transform the entire cotton sector. With no prior experience in either cotton or agriculture or commodity markets, the journey since has certainly not been straight, nor always easy. Today, Lena is the Chief Operating Officer at Better Cotton, the world’s largest cotton sustainability initiative. With close to 200 staff members in just under ten countries worldwide, Better Cotton promotes sustainable agriculture and engages global supply chains through sourcing and investing in farm-level support programmes.


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Christmas celebration at Storm

We are taking some time off during the holidays to spend with our friends and families. Storm will therefore be closed and no bookings will be processed during this time. We are back on 9 January with a lot of toys and goodies on our sleigh.

Until then – Happy Holidays!

Research support

Open Session

Open session: Get advice from an innovation advisor

Bild på två forskare som skrattar och ler

Every Tuesday between 14:00-15:00, innovation advisors from MaU Innovation are ready for discussions through Zoom.

Drop in to ask questions related to your own work or listen in to conversations about research and education, in regards to impact, utilization and innovation. Topics discussed are everything from financing and utilization to what innovation is and what counts as knowledge assets.

The room is open between 14:00-15:00 and you are welcome to join and leave whenever you wish during this time. For more information about our open sessions, please contact Joa Falke.


Get down to it with Fredrik Önnevall

Get down to it with Fredrik Önnevall

Bild på Fredrik Önnevall

On 9 November, journalist Fredrik Önnevall will guest Get down to it on Storm to talk about courage. What limitations govern us without us knowing it, where do we set our own boundaries and how do we build the ability to trust our own judgement?

About Fredrik
Over the years, Fredrik Önnevall has worked as a correspondent in Beijing for Swedish Television, made travel reports, worked as a reporter and editor for Sydnytt and been a Television Show Host in several different initiatives for Swedish Television, including Kinas mat and Fosterland. Through his chosen profession, Fredrik has asked uncomfortable questions to those he interviewed. He has faced, and interviewed nationalists from different countries, followed his drive to the other side of the world and made a crucial decision to trust his own judgement, knowing that it could have major consequences.



Kafferepet – entreprenörskap i undervisningen

Människor som sitter och pratar i Storms kök

Under hösten bjuder Mau innovation in forskare och undervisande personal på Malmö universitet till diskussioner om entreprenörskap i undervisningen. Över en kopp kaffe tar vi del av inspirationsföreläsningar och delar erfarenheter, tips och idéer. Innehållet är dynamiskt och tas fram av deltagarna, med utgångspunkt i behov och nyfikenhet.

För anmälan, frågor eller inspel kring innehållet, kontakta Camilla Norberg Hansen.

Research support

30-minute support

30-minute support
– from idea to utilization

Two people engaged in a conversation with whiteboard notes in the background

Could your research be implemented outside of academia? Are you interested in mapping out your options and finding out which possibilities are at hand? Take the opportunity to meet with an Innovation Advisor and start your journey towards research impact. 

In an individual, 30-minute digital or physical meeting, you will discuss your research with an experienced Innovation Advisor and get advice on how to move forward towards utilization, or alternative ways to make an impact with your research outside academia. 

After the meeting, our aim is that you will have a clearer idea of where your research could create an impact and of what support is available to you through the Innovation Office at Malmö University.


Stormathon Intern

Stormathon Intern

En innovationsutvecklande workshop som ger studenter möjlighet att utveckla färdigheter inom kreativitet, problemlösningsförmåga och entreprenörskap. 

Bild på studenter som idégenererar under ett Stormathon Intern
Studenter från IDV-programmet idégenererar under ett Stormathon Intern VT2022.

Stormathon Intern syftar till att förbereda studenter inför kommande yrkesliv och att träna på att identifiera och finna innovativa lösningar på samhällsutmaningar kopplade till deras kommande roller i arbetslivet. Fokus är problemlösningsförmåga – att förstå, formulera och lösa ett problem, att synliggöra egna styrkor och förmågor och att ge studenterna verktyg för att finna anpassningar till, och hitta nya vägar i, en föränderlig värld. 

Upplägget bygger på casemetodik där studenterna erbjuds en utmaning från en extern uppdragsgivare kopplad till deras kommande arbetsliv. Utmaningen presenteras i början av dagen och i slutet av dagen pitchar studenterna sina lösningar för uppdragsgivaren och en jury.

Studenter pitchar sina idéer under Stormathon HT2019

Under dagen leds studenterna genom en Design Thinking-process med fokus på problemkartläggning, behovsanalys, idégenerering, idéutveckling och presentationsteknik. Uppdragsgivaren såväl som Mau innovations och Drivhusets medarbetare är på plats under hela dagen för att svara på frågor och coacha studenterna genom processen. 

Stormathon Intern äger rum på Storm, det är kostnadsfritt och vi står för planering och genomförande – skräddarsytt efter behov och önskemål.

Undervisar du på Malmö universitet och är intresserad av att boka in en workshop för dina studenter?


Get down to it

Get down to it with Mustafa Alfredji

Get down to it on Storm! We provide breakfast, insights, ideas, new perspectives, tools and skills for entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, fika, co-working space, and networking opportunities.

Picture of Mustafa Alfredji

On 5 October, Mustafa Alfredji will join Get down to it to talk about his early start as an entrepreneur, his courage to try out his tech ideas and the importance of the support of his family.

About Mustafa
At 15, Mustafa Alfredji started his first company, making money recruiting YouTube filmmakers to a Canadian company. At the same time, he himself had one of the most popular YouTube channels in Sweden. Ten years later, he runs MySocial, a Smart Influencer Manager which offers a one-stop-shop for influencers to grow, manage and monetize their social media career. Today the network of creators generates 4.7Bn views every month.


Go Cirkulär

From coffee grounds to body scrub – Sweden’s first circular skincare brand was born in Malmö.

Picture of Irene Atance, sitting at a table with a laptop and a cup of coffee.

In Sweden, we consume about 7.5 kilos of coffee per person per year, which equates to about two and a half cups per day, making Sweden one of the most coffee-drinking countries in the world. By extending the life cycle of coffee, Go Circulär’s skincare products contribute not only to the circular economy but also to reducing the carbon footprint of skincare products.

Go Circulär was founded in November 2020 by Malmö University alumna Irene Atance. Originally from Spain, Irene applied in 2019 to Malmö and the master’s programme Leadership for Sustainability, at Malmö University. With a background in retail and a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Nutrition from the University of Copenhagen, Irene became more interested in the circular economy during her time at Malmö University.

With today’s climate challenges, we need to rethink our systems and maximize our limited resources. During my studies at Malmö University, I learned more about the circular economy, which inspired me to start a project to upcycle coffee grounds from local businesses in Lund.

Irene Atance, founder and CEO of Go Circular.

During her studies, Irene’s idea of upcycling coffee grounds was awarded the Leapfrogs scholarship from Malmö University, which gave her the opportunity and financial means to test and develop her idea. Irene deepened her knowledge of upcycling coffee grounds and their beneficial effects on the skin. With the help of Drivhuset, Almi and Malmö University’s innovation unit, Irene received advice and financial support to develop a prototype and validate her idea.

Despite having no financial capital or network, Irene registered Go Cirkulär AB in November 2020 pursuing her dream and transforming her idea into reality. After more than half a year of working on product development and building the brand, Go Cirkulär’s Upcycled Body Scrub was finally launched in May 2021.

I’m not only happy that our products offer a sustainable alternative for our customers, but I’m also excited to be able to collaborate with local cafes that share the vision that we need to use our resources more efficiently. 

Irene Atance

Irene has since developed more circular products and the company now has a body scrub, body oil and a facial serum in its upcycled coffee product line. In addition, she continues to develop the circular experience of her products further with a newly developed packaging solution, made from seaweed that can be composted at home.

Irene’s journey has been far from smooth and getting to where she is today has never been a given outcome.

In Malmö, there is an incredible start-up ecosystem that encourages people to pursue their dreams regardless of their socioeconomic status or background. This has helped me with the decision to start my new career path and ultimately become an entrepreneur.

Irene Atance

Irene has received several awards and this year she is nominated for HMK Carl XVI Gustafs pris Årets Nybyggare and her Upcycled Scrub is nominated for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards. Today, Go Cirkulär is part of the Medeon incubator and next year the products will be marketed outside Sweden.